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First warning from fiverr

Hello everyone!

I am a no seller on fiverr.I have 3 gigs and some good revirews from clients.

I was trying to create a 4th gig regarding cloudfare selling service.This gig was denied with the message that gig is denied due to not following fiverr TOS.

And unfortunately today I got a first warning which really depressed me.

I see multiple cloudfare gigs on fiverr.I do not understand what fiverr TOS I am violating.

Many thanks,


Was that the exact/only message they gave - that it was not following the Fiverr TOS (nothing more specific)?

Yes there are other gigs with cloudflare in the title/related to it (about 180). Maybe there was something specific about your gig. You could check whether what your gig was specifically doing was okay according to Fiverr’s TOS - ie. check the TOS page (and maybe cloudflare’s TOS if relevant).

You could contact CS and ask them what about the gig was violating the TOS if you can’t see the reason in your messages/emails.

They just said,

Unfortunately we had to remove your Gig cloudflare free install SSL CDN reverse proxy speed dns due to the following reason/s:

  • General TOS violation

I am not sure what exactly TOS I am violating.

You might be best contacting CS to ask them like I said. Maybe it might be something to do with “free” (since all gigs have a cost) if it’s not to do with cloudflare or something in your gig description.


Thanks Uk100,

I see gigs with “free” word too.


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Seeing a gig on Fiverr doesn’t always mean it’s a legitimate service. Maybe they just haven’t been caught yet.

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Hi Catwriter,

Thx for your response.

I do not think free is the problem.

I was talking about the principle: just because you see that someone is offering something on Fiverr doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a legitimate service.

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Thank you @catwriter

I appreciate your comment.