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First warning give me fiverr for what reason

I don’t understand for what reason Fiverr gave me a warning. Please help me.

We can’t help you, we’re just fiverr users, check links they have sent.

It can be many things.

Without what you may have done, its hard to pin point. The best way is to actually raise a ticket. Find out reason and then, if you can put that reason here, we can give more detailed advice.

Till then, follow the basics

  1. Keep all conversations inside Fiverr.
  2. Send all files within Fiverr.
  3. Dont press Order Complete until customer confirms that work is completed.
  4. Never ever try to contact customer outside Fiverr.
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Are you using a refresh extension to appear online 24/7?



That is what I want to know… this 24/7 refresher thing keeps getting yoyo respond from CS.

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I do not use this refresh extension .