First Week Here - Please Critique My Lifestyle Travel Gig


Hello everyone and thank you for the helpful posts.

Would you please give me your feedback on my Gig?

How can I improve the visuals and content?

Is the niche too narrow to attract business?

After 3 days I wonder if internaitonal students coming

to New England for study abroad will find this.

Any ideas where to reach out to this group?

Thanks everyone!


whitesandybeach said: Any ideas where to reach out to this group?
Thanks everyone!

Perhaps you could start hanging out on univercity forums around the world and mention your gig in relevant discussions. Use google alerts to find students who are thinking about coming to New England to study, then contact them or comment on their blogs!


I would suggest giving just a short professional background of your expertise in your profile so that should your customers want to know more about what you can offer, you already put something unique about yourself out there to differentiate from other sellers.

Also, your gig is very vague. Try to make it more obvious what the customer will get for $5. Are you offering to answer one question, or give multiple tips in one particular subject area, or something else? People will be more likely to buy your gig if they know exactly what you will be delivering.

Best of luck!


Reply to @mgjohn78:

I did not think to expand the connection to google alerts

and student forums. Thanks for the idea!


This is extremely helpful. thanks