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First Week Was Amazing

Okay… I have to say it, I absolutely love my job. In the last hour of it yesterday, I was able to write on an article for a Fiverr client. It’s nice to know that I can still work on Fiverr stuff in the downtime. I absolutely love it. When the boss was gone yesterday, it felt good knowing she knew she could trust me to do my job. She texted me at one point to remind me that the class rosters were on her desk - she didn’t have to because I had grabbed the list off her desk and was already typing it out.

I think she was a bit shocked that I took the initiative to get it done. I was done with it within 30 minutes - between phone calls to parents and call returns from them to verify if their students were indeed joining the program.

She was in the office for only 45 minutes before she was gone again for the rest of the day.

Next week, we have our back-to-school festivities where each school mentions who is newly employed. Yes, yours truly will be introduced. I’m a little concerned about what my boss is going to say. She’s known me for way too long - :smiley:

For now, I am going to put aside that worry and contend with the work for Fiverr this weekend. Several projects coming due between now and Sunday then again now and Wednesday. As I always say, BRING IT ON!

Have a good one Fiverrians. Miss y’all!


I’m pretty sure that the GTD aptitude and speed of many freelancers would be a real shock to many employees. :wink:

Keep rocking.


I’m sincerely so happy for you. You have wanted this for a while and there is nothing quite like a job which makes you feel so personally rewarded for the work you put in.

It is good that you are planning to stick with Fiverr. However, if I was you, I’d also start thinking about whether now might not also be a good time to raise prices. You are clearly someone who it would be a pleasure to hire and work with online and offline. In my opinion, you should update your prices to reflect that, providing you don’t need to worry too much about a possible drop in new orders, etc.


Thats wonderful I’m hoping to join you on selling side very soon