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First withdraw from my account

Is there any suggestion for my first withdraw of money? The amount is 48$.
Method local bank via Payoneer. Please help.


you need 2$ more for Payoneer


Bank transfer is best way. Do not use payoneer


I use paypal, it works great for me.


Bank transfer also does via payoneer

any one tell me western union is work on fivver or not…

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If you want withdraw your $$ via payoneer then add your local bank account in payoneer and also fiverr the hit the withdraw button

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As far As I know for that you will need a payoneer account and from there transfer to any bank that is legalized to your Country. Correct me if I am wrong.

I wouldn’t use Payoneer unless I absolutely had to.

What do you use then?

You need two more $
I also want to widraw but have only 32 :joy:

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I got two more :wink:
Thanks for your prayers :slight_smile: <3

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Great i am waiting for that day

bank transfer can withdraw money when you get its minimum 20$. its not 50$. you can check that by earning page