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First Year Voice Overs: 1600 reviews, 2300 gigs sold. FAMILY biz too


I hope our family story inspires you to make it happen too.

About a week ago it was the anniversary of my first VoiceOver (VO) gig sold on Fiverr. I’m proud of the stats: 1,600+ five star reviews from over 2,300 gigs sold.

My adult son (who inspired me to start on Fiverr) did the same thing his first year too (he started about 8 weeks before me.) He may have had 1700 reviews on his first anniversary, but we were close.

My husband does all the audio/tech work for me, and originally did for my son, so we are a family business. (Husband has decades of audio experience.)

The first few months were slow, but now it’s pretty crazy.

For the newer people: Know it starts slow the first few months but ramps up IF you find the sweet spot where you add enough value for buyers. My level of repeat buyers is very strong, and my son has a similar story. I suspect we will easily double or triple those numbers our second year.

We both had strong VO backgrounds before Fiverr, so it started with something we were already passionate about. We have the experience, expertise and equipment, and had years of VO before we joined Fiverr.

This means YOUR passion can become a large income stream too if you provide excellent value, work hard and keep getting better at your craft. We are ALWAYS looking for ways to provide more value to our clients, while also raising our prices after getting enough reviews to justify it.

Our goal from the beginning was to grow into a higher value/higher priced seller over time. In other words: Earn the right to charge more and be worth it! (There are lots of great VO artists on Fiverr.)

[Mom bragging] My adult son is one of the voices Fiverr selected for their official tech support videos. Here’s a sample (he has done 8 or 10 of these for Fiverr so far):

We have worked hard, but the rewards are there, and we look forward to making our second year even better.

We are very appreciative of all the assistance we have had from so many. We weren’t sure it would work at first, and we have had some late nights along the way.

If you have any questions about how/what we did, please ask.

I hope you share your successes too.


I met you at our little meetup on Thursday! Great story!


Thanks! Great to meet you there too!

I see you upped the price of your gig a little. I think that’s very smart. Your cool gig was priced a bit low from my POV. You’re good at what you do, you should charge a fair price for your skills.

Hope to see you again! (Always nice to have faces with the people we only see on line!)

(For those reading, we had our first “Los Angeles/Burbank” Fiverr community event last Thursday, with the next one planned for June 15th. Watch the “Events” section for details.)


I can’t believe @donnyvoice is your son although when reading your OP I immediately thought of him and how similar a story he had when he posted back when he hit 1000 reviews!

Really good to see you both doing so well and wish you continued success - it is crazy that it has only been a year but it just goes to show what can be achieved.

Don’t forget to keep sharing your wisdom, you add huge value to discussions with your advice and experience. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for sharing your Fiverr journey, it’s very inspiring!


That’s the true success and I’m truly inspired!!! I love it.
Great thanks for sharing.


Yes, if it wasn’t for him (and my husband, they were working together on it), I’m not sure I would have taken Fiverr seriously. I doubt I would have tried it because I just thought it was for beginners/amateurs due to the pricing.

He has almost a decade of VO experience, including broadcasting Major League Baseball spring training games.

I knew if he thought it was worth it, then I should at least pay attention and see how it worked for me. Fiverr is FAR more than most realize, and I think it’s just coming into its own. The best years are ahead from what I can see.

(The focus on quality this year will make a huge positive difference…)

Thanks again for all the kind words! I’m always learning, and looking for ways to refine and improve. It never stops.


Yep, that’s me. :slight_smile: Thanks for your kind words! It’s been a tremendous last year here on Fiverr.


I’m not surprised by your success, Lisa. You are one of the most talented voices on Fiverr, and I deal with many, many, MANY voice talents.


Thanks! We keep learning, refining and improving.

I’m seriously humbled by the number of repeat clients we get, and inspired by so many who have blazed the trail before us.

I’m going to post a new milestone we are reaching this week, but I want to wait until we actually get there (we are less than 20 orders away, a couple days or so…)

Thanks again for the kind words (and repeat business).


Great story I’ve read on Fiverr! I’m a new comer on Fiverr and I’m highly motivated by your story!


Keep on working it! You’ll be amazed what happens if you keep finding ways to tune your deliveries, and offer more value over time.

Finding those repeat clients is a major key. (Even over the summer things have been pretty good.)

We just hit a new milestone (3 months since that last post):

Over 2100 reviews, and over 3,000 gigs delivered.

We owe a big THANK-YOU to our repeat clients! There is no way we could keep growing without you.