FirstGig: I Will Convert Psd To Html With Bootstrap 4


I start promoting my gig on Fiverr. I have promoted First Gig and got some clicks. Did I miss anything to improve my gig?

N.B: I am new on Fiverr.


Keep promoting and polish your gig plus checkout other similar gigs and see if you missed anything.
Hope this help.


Can you send me your previous work? (I need active websites not mock-ups)


Thanks! How many gig’s should I create to get a good result as a begineer?


Sure. How to share this with you?


One is enough but if you have more skills then yes you should create more plus you can create more similar gigs with different packages. Do remember that all level has their gig limit.

You can share your gig directly here. Copy paste will do the trick and you can also click on User name in this case it’s jdpremium and then click message.


Ok, got it. Thanks again.

But I don’t have the option to message jdpremium, better put direct my gig link here. :slight_smile:


Please follow my gig here and message me. I will share with you my prev live examples.