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🎣 What led you here?

What led you here? What motivated you to join and become successful?

I’ll share…
When I was little, I wrote a short story and cheated by enlarging the font, then I asked my parents to print out all 100 pages so I could feel like a “published” author. During the day, I would spread out my homeschool work and pretend to be a teacher while I graded myself (then my mom would give me an official grade). In junior high, I helped my friends type their handwritten papers onto the computer because I was the fastest typist in my class, and I was always in charge of correcting group projects.

It’s funny because, when I started on Fiverr a couple years ago, I was confused about how I should pursue my passions. I stepped into the world of freelancing as a “side thing” until I figured it out. But, once I began getting projects, I soon saw the great opportunity that was right in front of me.

It took me a little while to convince myself of such a “non-traditional” career path, but I’ve been here since :blush:

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…An innocent click on a green flashy ad.


Not quite successful, but earning some side cash in school :grin:

Searching around on Reddit for ways to convert my skills into something that might make me money over the summer. I guess it worked…


I joined Fiverr in 2016 after I heard about this site on the french TV. I just spent 5 minutes and left.
A few months later, while I was in a job interview, the recruiter adviced me to use freelance websites to sell my services. And I came back!

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I discovered Fiverr through a YouTube video my younger brother showed to me by PewDiePie. I’m not successful here at this time, but I’ve sold a few commissions on DA and it motivated me to try my luck as a freelancer to sell more commissions along with other portions derived from my skills I’ve worked on over the years. I love designing for myself and surprising others with gifts, too, so I can’t wait to see what Fiverr will have in store for my future experiences!

Inside the midnight, a man on a flaming pie came to me. He said, "you shall go to fiverr…’’ and so it was.
Coincidentally, this is how John Lennon named the Beatles. Which is the ONLY reason to speak with flaming pie people…obviously…

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It was serendipity to find this site one day by accident. I knew immediately it was meant for me. :handshake: It came at a time when I finally had more time to work at my craft.

I don’t know, it just happened, I had no idea one could make money online, I found out about online freelancing in Jan 2014 from someone in a chance conversation, joined Fiverr in Feb 2014, started making money in April 2014, became a TRS one year later, made a mini-fortune and I’m still pinching myself that I’m making money online. [I’m still in a daze…my life is before-Fiverr and after-Fiverr…]

A friend who’s always following trends and doing whatever is new. He spent a year telling me to give Fiverr a chance, I remember what I used to tell him:

“Dan, $5? Are you kidding me? You want me to work for $5 freaking dollars?”

Now Fiverr is my favorite site. The only one that ever made me money.


First learned Fiverr existed from a little TV show called Tosh.0 back in '13-'14, hosted by this guy Daniel Tosh. He created a gig where he’d display every buyer’s name on his show for the basic fee.

Apparently he made thousands, which amount to little when compared to TV air time costs.

Anyway, lost my job years later and decided I should give this Fiverr thing a try. It’s been doing miracles for me ever since.

The Fiverr seller didn’t pay for TV air time, Tosh.0 is always looking for cool stuff online, that’s why the show is called .0. He’s always sharing funny youtube videos, etc. Sometimes he interviews famous and infamous Youtube personalities.

One day out of the blue, a good friend of mine messaged me and said "Hey, I found this site, you should give it a try."
I had the “Whaaaaat, only $5???” reaction at first, but I thought heck it won’t hurt to try, so I tried creating gigs where it wouldn’t take up too much of my time. I also thought I can just do it during the summer and I can quit anytime.

Well, it’s not like I make thousands every month, but it has become a nice extra source of income, that’s for sure, thanks to my friend.

When my friend is around when I get a tip, I buy him Starbucks! :smiley: