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Fishished successfully with 5 star review

Hi there, I have finished my first order 2 days ago. I feel very happy that I got a 5 star review. This is my first motivation. Now I am looking forward to many more. I have proper experience in graphics designing, banner designing , blogger website designing , social media marketing, keyword researching . I want to build myself in a strong position in Fiverr. Hence I need everyone’s help to getting more order. How can I get more order? Please give some suggestion.

oh that’s good congratulations :tada::confetti_ball::tada::confetti_ball:
and please wish me good luck:yum::yum::yum::yum:

Congratulations buddy.
I will advice you should make use of the ‘promote yourself’ feature on your dashboard. This will enable you to promote your gig on social media to get the orders rolling in.
All the best.

How to promote your self do you have some details ? How you use to promote yourselft?

Many congratulations. Suggestion is that use all your 10 buyer request tickets. And share your gig to your target customers :slight_smile: It will bring more impressions and orders towards you :slight_smile:

You can link your Facebook, Twitter or goggle account to your Fiverr account. You have the promote yourself link on your dashboard. This is use to share your gig with potential buyers. All the best.