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Fishy User

Don’t even know if I’m posting in the right spot. But I just wanted to let the community know to be on the look out for a user that goes by the name of *********. He attempted to have me do a gig for him, but wanted to make this deal through Skype. I don’t know it just seemed weird, and from the way he talked he’s using multiple accounts. I attached the convo(or I think I did) for you guys to look at, and have already reported him. I just wanted to let you guys know for your safety.

What this person is trying to do is beyond the normal Skype issue and is a bannable offense, so be sure to report them to Customer Support until the Trust and Safety dropdown. They are trying to get you to do a gig exchange where you buy his gigs and he buys yours and you give each other fake reviews. The Skype request alone is a violation but the fake review issue is worse. He also has multiple accounts which is yet another reason to ban him on all of them.

I’m sure you didn’t realize that you are posting it to give him free advertising for it so he doesn’t have to send it as spam.
You are new so you don’t understand how this works, and just want to warn people.
Thank you, very noble of you.

Just write “Sorry, this is against Fiverr TOS”, hit the report button and forget about it.

Thanks fonthaunt! that’s what I had figured, I just have never ran into stupidity like this before. I actually reported him immediately after our conversation, and just received a message from CS telling me they’re already on it. Sorry about posting the username, I honestly wasn’t thinking in that moment, I was just worried that this person would try to do this to another person that doesn’t understand ToS, so I just freaked and posted as fast as I could without even thinking. I’m irrational sometimes when it comes to people that I care about(like this community). I apologize again though, won’t happen anymore.

yeah I didn’t even think honestly, but you’re 10000000% right. Never had anything like this happen to me before, so just freaked a little about the situation, and didn’t want to see good people get caught in this guy’s web of stupid. I am really sorry though, didn’t mean to break any rules at all.

definitely will next time!

I think you should edit this post again and remove his skpe username

You posted it and asked people to look at it.

definitely taking this as a lesson learned, and now know how to deal with these kinds of situations thanks to you all. I appreciate all of the understanding and proper direction. Thanks for everything guys. I apologize again for being such an irrational idiot.

Good advice, though with a user that has several violations and covered them with an imgr link, I do recommend reporting directly to CS. The report button is good for spam or Nigerian money scams, but sometimes it doesn’t get enough attention on issues that put other newbies in danger.

No worries @matterz000 - now you know plus you helped stop the villains!

Not idiocy, just trigger happy. :wink: Most who break the forum rules don’t apologize and keep doing it. You’re way ahead of them!