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Fisrt order wants

Improve my all the gigs I am worried about my first order.


Hey Masud!

Don’t worry

Here are some practical tips to get your first order from fiverr.

1. Improve your communication skill: When you are contacting with prospect make sure you are doing the communication right way. You can improve your English language by practicing, if English is not your first language.

2. Do marketing for your service everyday: I see new sellers do this mistakes all the time. They create a gig on fiverr and wait for an order to come. They don’t do any marketing activities. Don’t be like them. Everyday do some marketing promote your gig to your target market.

Hopefully you will get your first client soon.

Let me know if you have any other specific question. I will be happy to answer.



thank you for your excellent advice. But I have another problem bro. In my account, there is no buyer request option. What is wrong with me. hope you answer the problem and give me a solution.waiting for your response


Try the “buyer request”. Perhaps you’ll be able to get a buyer or at least a potential customer. :slight_smile:I got mine from there too

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look for “more” then click on it, there you’ll find the buyer request.

Only you can improve your gigs.

Please do some research and explore the internet. I’m sure you will find a lot of useful tips that way.

Stop wallowing and start thinking to make your first sales.

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