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Fitness Tips for real life people...Anyone?

Good Day, how is everyone doing?

I know there are a lot of videos online that will show you this, but what I am really asking for is for someone who has actually done it and is now fit, not a bunch of videos.

So, I need to work out a certain area of my body, and I need to know if I have to do a full body or I can just work on those areas and I will still be fir. For example, if I need to work on my butt, arms and tummy, can I do an exercise for those areas along or do I have to do the whole thing?

I’d suggest checking out the lifestyle section in Fiverr.


Shortly: you are not going to be fit doing just abs for example. Check out HIIT workouts. And of course your “fit” journey always starts with a food.
80% food, 20% exercise.

But if you want more info you’d better check all those videos that you don’t trust for some reason or you can buy someone’s gig on fiverr to explain you everything.


As they say, you can’t outrun a bad diet. :slight_smile:

For example, if I need to work on my butt, arms and tummy, can I do an exercise for those areas along or do I have to do the whole thing?

You can focus on specific areas, but all of the muscles in the human body are connected to others. You usually need to strengthen not just one group of muscles, but the ones around them, too.

Plus, there are certain areas, like the core, which are fundamental to good health and fitness. You don’t want to neglect those!


Thank you very much for your answer, I will definately follow the steps.

Hello there!
I’ve been into this topic for many years, and I’ve tried lots of methods. In the end only one helped my really love my body, and this was HIIT (you can check it online). Every body is different, so don’t just do whatever anyone else did. Take your time with your body and don’t rush it. Exercises for specific parts of your body helps you built stronger muscles, not burn fat. Fat is burnt with remoting your calorie intake.

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This is so true :wink:. If people would just feed better and healthier… :roll_eyes:

Hi @millionsaremine,

I don’t know your gender, but I would say that the best is to practice martial arts. It strengthens all your muscles, gets you lean and also teaches you control & perseverance - specially kata. You’ll work all of your muscles without even knowing (Well, not quite, ache will make you know :sweat_smile:). Afterwards, you can work out. Results will be faster and easier to achieve. As @ahmwritingco said, you need to see your body as a whole.

I used to practice karate and yoga, but had to quit because practice was at night, and now it is very risky in my country to go out at night hours - even for men. Even though a few years have past, I’m still lean and fit.

You might want to try and give it a shot. :wink: