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Five different gigs for ranking on the landing page

Any TRS please guide. It will be useful to create 7 different gigs for selling and whether it will get orders. Please someone who has had experiences of years, give good suggestions.


Three orders completed on Fiverr and earned $56. It is not good to under estimate others. I am a heart patient and still struggling after facing hardships in yester years. Did you believe me?


You need to believe yourself, that is all that matters.

Your images in all gigs could use some improvements. You are selling in the overcrowded category so it will be hard to get momentum. Try to connect with people working on Fiverr from your local community, ask them for help and support. Connect with them on FB and other social media sites.

Think about opening your own website and blog to promote yourself and bring business to you.


I’m not a TRS (yet) but I have seen many TRS with just one gig with great success. If one gig performs well that is enough. For myself, I was a one gigger for my First two years of selling on Fiverr, from there I opened multiple gigs. Though they didn’t bring many sales as I expected. If you can offer different types of services, multiple gigs may be a good approach.
I recommend adding more portfolio items/ work samples with your gigs. More work samples will help your buyers to understand your capability.

Sorry to hear about your hardship. I wish you good luck.


I typed Logo Design, Minimalist Logo (your category) and then filtered under TRS in the Fiverr search bar.

Those sellers seemed to have a varying number of gigs in the small sample I researched.

Suggest you do the same research in depth and this may help answer your question.

PS. I am not a TRS but this may be helpful to you. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow, thanks for sharing. very helpful, Chaya.