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Five Improvements to Fiverr


My name is Rob, I’m a Top Rated Seller on this site and I have been working and buying on the site for I think almost 8 years now. Fiverr is my full-time job, below are 5 suggestions for Fiverr on ways to improve the site through the eyes of a seller that works on it everyday.

1. Global controls over gigs and features along with client notification system. For example, if I want to turn off extra fast ordering, I can do that with one click of a button, instead of going to every single gig and turning it off manually. This could also work for other things, source file pricing, delivery time changes, make all your 2-day deliveries 3 days etc.

For the notification system, instead of writing 20 messages to everyone that has an order with your currently, write one message that can be seen in a bar at the top of the screen any time they view your order, could be a simple, “I’m running a tad late on all orders” or “Power is currently out at my office, I’ll keep everyone updated” just simple messages so you don’t have to type out the same thing to 20-30 clients.

2. Days off. I love working on Fiverr, but I don’t know of anyone who has to answer messages 24/7. We desperately need 1 or 2 days off per week, where we as sellers can decompress, not think about our analytics and simply relax. These days wouldn’t count against our delivery times and would be known to all buyers before they order, so if your day off is Saturday, and someone orders a 3 day delivery on Friday, that order would be delivered on Monday instead of Sunday.

3. More transparent leveling system. Especially for Top Rated Sellers losing your ranking is very troubling. There should be a grace period whereas if you dip below 90% on one of your metrics then you have another 30 days to make it up before you lose a rank. This would reduce stress on sellers, and those people really dedicated to their work would make it up and remain a TRS, which in turn benefits Fiverr with sales commissions.

Or for gaining or losing TRS it should be automated on both ends, or review on both ends. It shouldn’t be automated to lose TRS, then have to go to an editorial review to gain back TRS. I realize that TRS is something great and everyone should strive to be a Top Rated Seller, so if it is that great of a privilege, losing this because you dipped below on 1 metric, should require a manual review of the circumstances that put you there. Lots of TRS folks are amazing people, who if they dip below on a metric, there is an absolute reason for that, which should be manually reviewed. If it was automatic to lose and automatic to gain, then folks who lost it I don’t believe would mind doing the work for one month if they automatically gained it back. But holding TRS behind some curtain of uncertainty just adds an extra level of stress to this site that isn’t needed.

4. Order completion rate: This has to be my biggest pet peeve. Why isn’t there an option to mutually cancel an order? Sometimes people don’t work well together, or something comes up and both parties are understanding about this and both are happy with mutually canceling the order. Why does this always count as a negative towards the seller? At one point this year I was 100% on all of my metrics except for order completion, because people order and then they ask for a cancelation because, they ordered by mistake, or don’t need the order any longer.

This past month I was in the hospital for 10 days and it was all I could do to keep my cancelation rate above 90%, it includes working from my laptop while in the ICU and on morphine. Most clients were understanding, some took extensions until I got out of the hospital and others understood the situation and wished me well, but needed their orders so we mutually canceled, which all counted against me. This needs to be fixed and shouldn’t count negatively against sellers.

5. Offline extras store. This one is basically free money for Fiverr. There are a lot of things I do as a graphic designer that are gig extras that take very little time for me to produce. These extras could be made and placed behind an always-on paywall for buyers to buy. Native files (I realize this is sorta there now but could be made better and expanded), bookmarks, posters, 3D book cover mockups, etc.

These things I could make very quickly, put up for sale with a watermark so the buyers can see them and then if they want them, they could purchase them directly, because the files would already be there and ready. It would basically be like impulse shopping in a grocery store, you don’t really know you want that 3D cover and bookmark design until you see it there ready to purchase.

BONUS IDEA. There are buyer groups, there should also be seller groups. This could be groups of people who offer gigs in the same genre but don’t offer them outright. For example. I do book covers, but I hate formatting books. Well if found someone who could do book formatting and I work well with, I could send them over work and also get a small commission for sending that client over to them. This would help out smaller gigs because TRS sellers would get them much more business and even with a small agreed on commission on top of Fiverrs commissions, they would make more money.

That’s it :slight_smile: These ideas are purely to help with a site I love, I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


Rob W.