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Fiveer app is good but gig create no have


fiveer app is good but gig create no have


Understand you I do not. Better clarity in your messages you should have.


How do you expect to create gigs with the app when you cannot even do it in mobile view.


hahahhahhaha :joy::joy: maan don’t troll them :sweat_smile:


The only “troll” I see is you. Your comment was completely unnecessary.


This is the precise reason why I think so many sellers post ads requesting work in the “buyer’s request” section because they are accessing Fiverr through their phones. They don’t see a way to make a gig, so they think that “buyer’s request” literally means “request buyers” and that is how you get jobs here.

They need to rename the Buyer’s Request section to something that people who have awful atrocious and horrendous English comprehension skills can understand.


You are right. I should be something like Request Service
Or what do you think?