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Fiveer bad experiences!

So far a bad experience with Fiverr as a seller and as a buyer.
First as a buyer the quality of most gigs tend to be poor on the borderline amateurish its not professional work so i gave up on it a long time ago.

Second as a seller i posted a gig and it was refused yet they are 450 gig listed with the same category as mine and the same exact service. My gig offer the exact same services and is the same category, yet talking to their customer support to resolve this was like talking to a robot, i pointed that the gig i posted was not breaking any of their terms and conditions and provided them a link to the same gig of mine as the 450 other sellers, and instead of acknowledging the fact i was right their simply told me :
“However, if you believe a Gig should not appear on our platform, you are free to report it using the “Flag” feature available on the Gig page”

Since i posted my review of fiverr on my youtube channel, my videos has 650K views and a lot of people in the comment section have had the same thing happened to them and agree resolving an issue with a customer service who is unwilling to investigate or assist issues related to gigs , on the borderline lazy attitude.

Unless they get a better support team i do not advise this platform for either buyers or sellers.


What was your gig for?


This :


You can go to each gig that you feel is against TOS and :black_flag: it.


What kind of things did you buy?

What was the grounds for the refusal?


Hello, you just left a five star review for a seller. Your review said: “Excellent did a good job!”

If we knew exactly what your gig said maybe we could see what the problem was that caused fiverr to reject it.


Yes i see no reason to demolish people reputation with bad feedback, times are tough and i have no interest in being one responsible in affecting someone to earn money i have my own ethics. And i tend to put always good reviews or feedback regardless of circumstances.


You could always leave no feedback rather than be ingenuine. It’s what I do if I’m not happy or don’t want people to be able to track my buying. Unless you did think that what the seller did was of a good quality, which is also fine.


That is admirable but at the same time you are helping perpetuate the issue.

Sellers who produce subpar work need to either learn from their mistakes and step up their game, or go.

We need to elevate the marketplace.


I don’t know what it means “a long time ago” when a 5 star review was recently left. Does a long time ago mean 4 days ago? It throws this entire thread into suspicion mode.


I am giving my honest feedback about the platform from both sides , wow that is so incredibly suspicious… :crazy_face:

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I agree. But like i said i have my own ethics, i will only neg if the seller was really a bad individual and had a bad experience. But i think we going offtopic :slight_smile: . Regardless they are alternatives.

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Just different gigs on my other buyer account: graphic design/music instrumentals/website designs/App development

Ground of refusal:
Irrelevant to the marketplace - It seems your Gig is not appropriate for the Fiverr marketplace. We suggest that you do some research on the Fiverr platform to see what type of Gigs are offered and in demand by our buyers.

très agréable, I was going to try to help you… :woman_shrugging:

bonne année


Are you aware that you’re not allowed to have more than one account?


I don’t think people realize that buying/selling history is, at least in parts, public and verifiable when making generalized “fiverr bad” statements.

Your gig was declined because it didn’t fit the site’s editorial policy. They want less of such gigs on the platform even if they don’t directly violate the ToS. Sometimes active gigs get removed for the same reason and for all we know, the category can be undergoing a major cleanup right now.

I’m not saying it’s a good practice and I wish they’d do a better job when enforcing the editorial policy on sellers but you got informed immediately at least.