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Fiveer Gigs And What Works For Me!


Hi, Im new here in the forums but have been a Fiveer seller for almost a year I made a few different gigs and being a surfer decided to offer a gig on surfing tips but that didnt fare too well. So, since I had been writing blogs for people since 06 I decided to offer a blog or article writing gig. I found that I started receiving alot of orders for these so I focused on doing those. I am a former US Marine and electrician so I never really focused on writing but in 05 I was hospitalized with meningitis and almost died so blogging helped me gain some cognitive skills back. The more I wrote, the better I got and then I actually started to like it. I wrote 2 books since 05 and one was called The Sunshine Murders which is now on Amazon. Fiveer has allowed me to focus on the positive and meet some pretty cool people. Ive also managed to become a level 2 seller and have been for the past 6 months. I have a few different gigs that are doing well. Ive found that by doing the best I can to complete my gigs professionally and completely are the surest way of receiving positive feedback. I dont like to fluff my blogs or articles but rather research what I am writing about. think its important to look down the road because each gig is a bulding block to your success. What works for you???