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Fiveer support

Is ludicrous.

People who have worked for me are great. Got them through Fiverr.

Very difficult website. Will never use again. Fiverr is not necessary.

If you have a problem with website there is no one to discuss it with.

The Forum just gives them free consulting advice which I am always reluctant to do but in this case made an exception since this is a bit of a rave.

What was the problem you had?

I’m guessing something went wrong with a seller and couldn’t find Customer Support (<—official help, OP) and is disappointed with the “free consulting advice” on the forum. When it’s not full of mek sell posts, that is.

If you do write to Customer Support, Shawn, here’s some free consulting advice. Don’t speak in semi-coherent fragments. Be clear, concise and respectful. Keep your opinions to yourself and lay out whatever the issue is. They may take a while to respond. Do not spam in the “where are you” messages while waiting, as you may find yourself ignored. HTH.

This is some of the best free advice I have seen on the forum lately. :v:

I tried to post my ascii/emoji-laden response, but the forum monsters spat it out. Instead, you’ll just have to visit this page to see it.