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Fiver account deactivate

I want to delete my account but still there are $1.80. So it’s impossible to withdraw. What’s the solution?


You could try sending a message to CS, but it’s only $1.80.

In my opinion, you should either do enough work to reach the minimum withdrawal amount or forget about the money. You could also put your account into Out of Office mode until you want to come back.

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Actually I want to create a new account. That’s why I want to delete existing account.

Why do you want to create a new account? You have to talk to CS before doing that as well.

You have 2 reviews on your account which are worth a lot to you.

I can see that perhaps you have not used your account for a while.

If that is the case why not mention in your profile description that you have been away and are now back again.

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Now is there no way to delete my account?

You can, we just aren’t recommending you do it. You have two 5* reviews, if you make a new one you’re starting with 0. Much better to just keep working on your current one in my opinion.

On Fiverr, click on your profile picture and then go to Settings. The option to deactivate your account is at the bottom of the page.


Check this out: before you decide.

The above is the only way!

Thank you. I know this way. Fiverr suggest me to withdraw my balance. But It’s impossible to withdraw only $1.80.

If you think that you’ll get more sales with new account then you are wrong. You might get stuck with no orders at all.


I was not active in my account for a long time. So all of gigs are in down. That’s why would like to create a new account and make new gig.

If you think that you’ll get more sales with new account then you are wrong. You might get stuck with no orders at all.

I can speak from experience here. This isn’t my first account - I’ve been working on Fiverr since around early 2017. I deactivated my old account after not using it for a while, feeling that it would be better to start fresh. I did also want to change my branding, but that wasn’t incredibly important.

In hindsight I should have kept using my old account. It might have taken a while to get the ball rolling again, but that’s ~50 reviews I’ll never get back. Although that’s much more than you have now, I still think you should stick with your current account.


And as we said before, if you think that your gigs will rank better with new account then you are again wrong.

that’s against the TOS , there’s no need to do that

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You’re getting some really good advice from experienced Fiverr sellers who know what they’re talking about, but like so many others on the forums - you’re not listening to it.

To be clear. Fiverrr has been swamped with new sellers in recent months, most likely due to the whole coronavirus impact (people losing jobs / having time on their hands, etc). Therefore buyers have even more choice. Competition for work is immense. If you thought it was hard getting established on Fiverr before, you ain’t seen nothing yet. If you start again, it could prove very hard to secure even a single sale.

Secondly, as has been pointed out by others, you already have some positive feedback on your existing profile. This feedback is very important for earning trust from new buyers. You’d be throwing it away if you start again.

Thirdly, given all the above, is all this hassle (when there is no benefit to you) really worth it just to get your hands on $1.80? From my point of view, the answer is no.

You should listen to the advice given by some very experience Fiverr sellers. You’re complicating a very simple scenario for no reason whatsoever.