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Fiver Account Disable

Hello Fiverr Team

My username @jabroni9

I already many request and tweet but can’t any response but any reason to account was disable. So just one message send get violation and complete all order with 100 customer feedback but 100 customer feedback generate violation to ask on Fiverr Team. I’m very disappointment your service to compare other freelance site. Any seller gnerate 100 customer satisfaction but fiverr ant time account was disable and seller all effort wash at a time without any fault. So why what fault in seller.


That account doesn’t look disabled, it just doesn’t have any active gigs at the moment.

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Please compliant on fiverr team immediately without any reason to remove and disable gig anytime. Fiverr team very disappointment

My fiverr account was disable. Please help me @riyaparmar

What are you complaining about - you’ve still got 2 active accounts:
divskynews and

Oh - you’re only supposed to have one account aren’t you - oops. :wink:


only one account divskynews another wasn’t my account just by mistake and i already say why @riyaparmar account was disable. Please enable my account access. Please

You’d need to ask CS for help - there’s nothing we can do to help.

I already send message but can’t any response. I eager to wait my account live

If you’ve got 2 accounts which is against ToS, what on earth makes you think Fiverr CS will let you have a third?

Start playing by the rules like the rest of us have to - it’s behaviour like yours that gives us all a bad name.


Yes I agree rules are rules but username not any spammer why this take action for disable and check my customer review I’ve only 2 order completed with 100 positive review and other two order complete and send deliver after immediately my account close. Not understandable anyone.

Very understandable.

You’ve had 3 accounts, 2 of which are still active, claiming to be from 2 different countries, and supposedly being 2 different genders.



Now only one account was alive still working @divskynews. This account start today because talking or compliant my account was disable. This reason to generate quickly.

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jabroni9 is also still actve.

You have 2 accounts - you’re breaking the ToS - end of.

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Not my account by mistake to take one

Speak to CS. :slightly_smiling_face: