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Fiver Algorithm

Hi all

Does anyone know how Fiverr show your gig in the searches with all things being even e.g. my rating, number of completed orders, reviews etc are exactly the same .

I’ve asked a friend to search using the same keywords to see where my gig comes up. It can be wildly different in the search results which makes sense as sometimes I receive a rush of orders then nothing.


No one knows the secret :female_detective: :shushing_face: Fiverr algorithm. It seems to have an ebb :desert: and flow :ocean: to it.

We, on the Forum, have had threads where we search for each other’s gigs, and we, too, have noticed that their placement is different for everyone who searches for them.

Me too!

However, if you figure out the secret Algorithm, please tell me. And if I find out what it is I will tell you. :wink:


On SEO, the more varied IP’s search and click on your gig, the higher your gig should appear - in theory. :slight_smile:

and you must be online

Orders all come in at once then nothing for a while. Gigs are constantly shuffled around. One day for a few hours or if you are lucky a couple of days you get orders one after the next then you can go for a period of time without orders. Why? Who knows.

Some of this at least for my gigs has to do with some marketing fiverr does. I know they do present gigs in various ways on special pages set up for each category. They might do email promotions to repeat buyers. Fiverr has a great marketing department.

I will sell you the first line of this secret for just $5!


I do not agree, I get many orders in the night when I am asleep. :sleeping:


i think no one can understand the fiverr algorithm.