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Fiver and payoneer are scammers

Yes they are dreadful. I worked hard for $144, its been 10+ days. I ask
fiver to support me they send me to payoneer, I goto payoneer and payoneer ignores all my requests and sends me back to fiver. Am I a joke to these guys? I work hard and provide the best service I can. Just because we live in a third world country does that mean they can treat us like shit?
I am extremely devastated and tired with both the service of fiverr and payoneer no one has been able to help me.
Please for your own sake. Never use payoneer. They have the worst customer support.
Fiver can pretty much do nothing after withdrawal has been done. I wonder why they still take
20% off all transactions? For not even giving their sellers some sense of security and a good support to get their hard earned money back. I am done with them. Please becareful, nobody here cares about your hard work. No one will help you.

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You cant tell us not to use something as that is beyond your control, but I’ve used Payoneer before and it worked fine maybe its just for you, but welcome to the forums and have a nice day!

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Um i am not telling you what to use or not? I am giving my opinion which I have the right too. If you dont like my post please dont post here.

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You should not express your feelings here like this, I’m also from a third world country but I never ever faced such things with my transactions so you can’t blame such. infact here we have lots of Pakistan sellers and they does their job here seamlessly. Defineatly it should be something from your side as if it was a systematic issue which happen for everyone, Fiverr should’ve fix things really faster than you might think.

Also, you can’t blame on their 20% commission. if you’re not satisfied with that commission you’re paying for Fiverr on making these things running, you can just leave this platform away since you can’t control it.

Oh you aren’t? huh that weird

I mean if you understand basic english I can’t force anyone? This is forums and I am posting my own opinion on my own post.

Your experience is different, mine is different. This is my opinion which I wanted to share.

You can’t ask forum members to stop commenting as this is public for all fiverr users. Instead, I suggest you to learn how to behave yourself on a public forum.

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It looks like you are telling everyone not to use Payoneer.

This is a public forum. Everyone is free to post and comment on any topic.

Also, while there can be problems with both Fiverr and Payoneer, they work for many, so calling both of them scammers because your Payoneer account was blocked (you never said why) is neither fair nor accurate.


Calm down…
You don’t even tell the forum what was happened? What happened then? If you want us to learn something from your experience, then tell us what.


He mentioned what happened in his previous topic: I need help Urgent

Yes, im not trying to make you think something else, I’m just stating what you said.

I use paypal for my small withdrawals and payoneer for my large withdrawals. I have no complaints on my end. Sorry it didn’t work for you though. Hope it gets resolved