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Fiver application available for Blackberry Passport?


I want to buy a Blackberry Passport.
I am not sure.
I want to ask.
Fiver application available for Blackberry Passport?.
Does it have a notification when I have the message?.
Thank you.


Fiverr is currently only available in iOS and Android platforms.

You can use your mobile browser to visit, but your notification functions will not work unless you manually refresh the page.

Good Luck. :thumbsup:



I searched but did not receive the information .


yes. Thank you so much.


Who has used Blackberry Passport ?.
can you help me ?


@design_house The blackberry passport actually runs android, but unfortunately, the default place to get apps is the amazon app store. You can sideload the Fiverr app, but I would recommend sideloading the GAPPS package to get access to the whole google play store. Or just buy a phone that actually runs proper android, like the trusty old Nexus 5 (~100 refurbished and unlocked)


Thank you so much . but, I like blackberry passport


Keyboard? (20 chars)


yes ((20 chars))))))


you has used Blackberry Passport ?


No but I looked at it real fast as I remembered when it first came out seeing guides to sideload android apps. You can get a keyboard case, but once you get used to a soft keyboard, it is just as fast or faster than a hard keyboard.


Thank you so much xander52.


And IMO, the cheapest I saw was $200+, that is a ripoff. I can get a new honor 5x from huawei for less than that.


If you’re looking to get the Fiverr app on your Blackberry, you can sideload it (APK). It takes a little while to do (5-10 mins if you know what you’re doing) but you can sideload almost any Andriod app to Blackberry this way.

Google the process if you’ve never heard of it. They have tutorials online. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Thank you, thepromogirl


Anytime @design_house! :slight_smile:


Just be careful when downloading APK files. They can contain viruses that might infect your phone. I would be especially careful with this type of app as it would be great to hide a trojan in.


…Thank you, xander52