Fiver as a full time job?


So Fiverr is like a mall, where you can setup your small shop or dance lessons or whatever, the question is…

will this become a full-time job if you take the right steps, do the marketing, etc?

and here comes the million dollar question…

can you make six figures on fiverr?


No, the big question or you is, can you?

Everyone’s Fiverr experience is different. There are sellers who make 6 figures but that does not really matter as you can’t judge your own potential by their success. There are plenty of people who never make any money here too. Just like anywhere else it takes a lot of time, effort, work and ability to get a strong and regular income.
Whether you do it or not (also like elsewhere) is up to you


There are thousands who make over $100,000 a year on fiverr and do it full time. You can earn whatever you want on fiverr.


I think best is to sell in many places, not only limit to Fiverr. Then you can be like the shop boss who manages all the shops, but selling the same thing in all of them. This how to increase revenue, by not depend on just one income stream. So maybe you don’t make 6 figure with Fiverr, but it’s okay because you can make 6 figure with 6 different platform!! :star_struck:


True answer :slight_smile: Agree um doing it full time :slight_smile:


So true, so far i havent found something quite like fiverr, any ideas of similar sites?


I don’t know if I can name them here, because Fiverr might not like it…:zipper_mouth_face:

But you can easily find the other platforms, because they are everywhere. Each country has its own, and there are some are very popular with local clients.

Most important is: don’t just wait for Fiverr to find the customer for you. It’s very important to do lots of work each day, to promote and reach people who might need you!

Sometimes I say that my job is actually 90% working on things that are not voiceover… then maybe 10% of the time I am making voice recordings… haha

That’s the freelance life, in fact.


i understand!

appreciate it China, thank you for the tips!!!

Cheers, hope your gigs get lots of clients!


My pleasure, Justin.:sunglasses:

Let’s all have a great 2018 on Fiverr!