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Fiver asked for confidential docs and not responding

I am using my friends account to convey my message.

Fiverr blocked my account without any reason. They blocked it on thanksgiving day because of login from another location. I told them that at least on such events they should allow login from different locations. After a long discussion they didn’t reinstate it. I was a level 2 seller.

Anyways they told me to contact after 45days for the withdrawal of funds. They asked for a passport and proof which i sent them but now its been more than 20 days and they are not replying to my messages. I created 3 tickets.I am not creating more tickets because it would be considered as spam. What should i do now. I am very much worried. I sent them my passport but now they are not replying.
My name on account is SamConnery.

Your friends use Fiverr as well, and are new to this site (as of February)? That’s great. However, I think “your friend” is probably just another account that you’ve created in order interact on this site. Unfortunately, it is against the rules of Fiverr to have more than on account. In addition, creating 3 tickets for the same issue is already spam.

Unfortunately, you will have to be patient and work with Customer Service on this issue. These forums are not a substitute for CS, nor can we help you solve your current issues.

Nah it is not my account but i can create one. it is not a big issue because according to customer support you can create a new account if your account get blocked so i am not violating any fiverr TOS.
Anyways how much days should i wait? any idea? :slight_smile:

Controlling someone else’s account is the same as having another account. If you have questions on this issue, please discuss them with Customer Support. The forums are not a substitute for CS.

They told you it would take 45 days. It has now been only 20 days. Why are you contacting them at this time?

I contacted them after 2 months of account termination. 20 days passed after my first email and still no response.

who are you?
I guess this is another new account. Why did you wait 2 months after account termination to contact them?
If you never got a response after your first email how did they tell you about waiting 45 days?

Each time you write something it gets more and more confusing. Things don’t add up.