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Fiver Basic English Test Vanished from profile

Hi, I took the basic English test almost 3 months ago and i passed the test with 8/10.

But almost 15 days ago the results just vanished from my profile?
Just gone.

Does anybody know about the problem?


Yes, I noticed this too. It’s annoying.

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Yeah. I think the reason is that they changed the test. I just took the new test last night after posting this thread.

That is the reason i guess.

Fiverr team bring changes in the platform every once in a while. Same can be seen in case of the gig impressions and clicks. I think the vanishing of the test is the result of the same changes which Fiverr is trying to bring in. Maybe that test would be replaced by some other test in sometime.Only time will tell

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I think they already did.

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