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Fiver blocked my account for no reason


This is so not done. You blocked my account for no reason at all for a mistake which I did not actually did, you can check the conversation that I have never requested any vendor to contact me outside fiver. I was working as usual someone approached me with the link and asked me to contact outside fiver but I genuinely didn’t do it as I know that it is against fiver policy. You have messed up all my hard work, I have been working on this account for months and now I CANNOT EVEN WITHDRAW MY MONEY!

I have up to 800$ on my fiver account which i have earned by completing orders and now I cannot withdraw them.

I tried to attach my payoneer to my fiver. I got the code on my phone i entered it and then i received email, I followed the link and when the link opens it shows that “unexpected error occurred” . Why am i facing this? Is this what i deserve of all my hard work on fiver?
I was told 10 days ago that my account would be restored but im waiting still and yet no response from your team.

This is so unprofessional! So much disappointed!

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