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Fiver bug (Buyer choosed a Product but he get another witht he same price)


Hello, i’m using fiverr for a long time as seller and now i guy buyed a product of me which says: 3days Deliver, 3 Revisions and 5$. He choosed this product but i only got 1 day Delivery time like my Premium produkt with 1 Day Deliver, 9Revisions and 20$. How is that possible and what should i do?

  • DreamGamer


Your gig that has an active order days that you offer 1 day delivery and 3 revisions for $5. It looks like that is what your buyer ordered. You don’t have any other packages on that gig.


Oh yes thats right he said he want a video editing to i think he ordered this product but he ordered a animation. I will change it ^^