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Fiver Buyer Request Tip for Newbies

Don’t forget to claim your 10 chances of Buyer Request on daily basis it will help you to generate traffic to your gig which is good for ranking, if you send requests to buyers then they will visit your gig and place order if works but there is some main tips which i want to share with your guys.

always send buyer requests around 6:00PM to 12:00PM its good time to send requests otherwise you request will be way away from the buyer to he may miss it.
Always mention your past work in request
always mention your experience in request
always mention that you are OK to work under customers budget.


Which time zone?

Why would you want to waste my time making me read about what you did for someone else?

Again why?

Wouldn’t it be better for you to tell me what you can do for me instead of what you’ve done for someone else?


Are you referring to your time zone? Because I’m in a country where buyers request will appear during random times.

I’ve tried doing those things before, but I ended up using all of my characters. :pensive: So I ended up removing those things and then replace them with what I can do for the buyers.


I think there’s only one rule needed for sending offers to BR:
Send a personalized and customized message!

I have posted in that section looking to give new sellers a chance, but at least 90% of the responses are simple copy/paste. It’s clear that most of the respondents didn’t even read the posting. I wouldn’t trust those people with my money.

I also have a fairly decent conversion rate from responding to BR (perhaps over 50%?). I don’t have a formula for how I respond- it all depends on the needs and tone of the posting.


I totally agree with you. When I send a request, people give me like a CV!
Just givr me what I want and thats it


Im not sure about your tips. I do totally the oposite and it works fine.

Thanks for posting though


@gina_riley2 i agree with you that’s totally waste of time and characters.

And i have a question yet still no answered anyone can help with this i would appreciate ?

You are right but with that i have only one question :smile:

Don’t use copy paste answers when replying BR.

Are you sure about it? I don’t know how sophisticated Fiverr’s algorithm is, but it would be like recommending buying useless spam traffic. Clicks without conversion might actually have a negative impact to your gig.

I don’t agree with any of your recommendation. I would recommend new sellers to browse around here because these are not good recommendations.


What I was wondering about Buyer Requests is: I might be interested in the job, but I don’t want to accept it right away, since I would like to discuss a bit more with the Buyer, get to know him/her. I’m guessing hitting the “Send Offer” button doesn’t translate to immediately taking the job but I don’t know exactly how it works.
Same goes for the fees, at what stage is the price agreed and set for good?
I’m totally reading everything I can found on the site (Academy, Forum, Help Center, Blog, everything), but I’m asking in case anyone has some advice to offer that’s not mentioned in those articles. I don’t want to accidentally scam any Buyer :grimacing::cold_sweat:

Anyway, thanks a lot :sunflower:


You forgotten one tip.
Are you see some Request of 30-40 offers ,
So I think we must not send our offer to it.
Many Buyers Didn’t check Large amount of Request.
A’m I right

Thanks, this is a very helpful post.

I don’t care how many offers a buyer has. If the request matches my skill set then I send my offer.
A couple of days ago I sent my offer to buyer who already had 28 offers and he still picked my gig. Most of those 30 offers are spam and buyer will ignore those.

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Thank you for your nice advice!!