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Fiver cancelled my delivered order

So i came across a Buyer who wanted to upload his Android APK on my Personal Play Store Account. He uploaded, the app got published, order was delivered and he suddenly disappeared without accepting the order and left no ratings. It was marked completed by fiver automatically after 3 days.

Now what happened is, he dropped me a message yesterday that he was unable to find his app on the play store and asked if it was terminated. I sent him multiple screenshots which proved that his app was up, live and running on Play store. But since he was not able to find it, he started to abuse me in my native language and threatened to cancel the order and report me to fiver which he did, and guess what? my delivered order was cancelled, he gave me 1 ratings, my order completion percentage is messed up and now i am not even able to send offers on buyers requests.

He claimed that i had unpublished his app, why would i do that? and if i had to unpublish it then why would i do it at the time when he didn’t even rate me? I took an order, delivered it successfully on time, then what happens with his app has nothing to do with me. it’s his and Google’s concern if it gets terminated or whatsoever for whatever reasons. He just can’t come and report me to fiver, get me my orders cancelled, mess up my percentage, just because he is not able to find his app on the play store.

I contacted customer support. Sent them screenshots of published app, sent them screenshots of our conversation in which he was misbehaving, abusing me and my family, but still fiver cancelled my order? made me the victim? What the actual f***?

Is this how things work here?


I am pretty sure Fiverr canceled because it’s not allowed for you to upload someone else’s app on Google Play due to copyright. At least that’s what I think. Needless to say, just a theory. But you should never provide this type of service, it’s just prone to scammers, plus I am not sure how legal it really is.


Yes maybe, but many people were providing this service, so i just went with it.

But what about his inappropriate language, will fiver consider my email that i sent to customer support with screenshots? And even though the order is cancelled, but i can still see his 1 star Ratings. Is it gonna stay there forever?

Next time…, be sure that client understanding and yours is at same level.
Be sure to ask very detailed questions about each project.
I suspect that your client need to publish their app, and the app is visible from their contry.
I mean…, some country ban some apps? You able to saw the app, but not from your client.
is this what happend with your order?

Still, you can try to contact Fiverr CS regarding this matter.
In some case…, Seller could win dispute from Scam Buyer with Fiverr CS Help.
Be patient and be polite when you contact Fiverr CS

Wich you luck,

Yes that’s what happened but we actually belong from the same country (Pakistan), it was visible at my end. He blamed me that i had unpublished it. I even sent him multiple screenshots that look it’s neither terminated nor taken down by me. i can see it, and guess what he was eventually able to search it up after like 15 minutes, but since he could not find it a first so he started to abuse, things escalated, reported me to fiver. You know it was a fresh app with no ASO, so obviously it will end up at the bottom of the search list. It had nothing to do with me :frowning: Actually i admit, I did a mistake. I should have sent him the app link instead of screenshots, but i completely forgot to do so and he took advantage of it.

But since it effected me in so much ways, so i have unpublished his app.

And guess what? Another seller from India approached me and asked me why i had given him 1 star ratings? i told him the reasons and guess what that buyer is again doing the same thing to that seller. And the Buyer called me scammer, how pity.

Sorry to hear it. Even I get a lot of requests to upload apk but I don’t do it. Remember now, don’t do it again in future. Most of them are frauds.

Yes i will be careful in future, but now i can’t even make new offers because i don’t have 90% positive ratings. :frowning: Unless a buyer approaches me on his own.

You can submit a ticket on this site.Fiverr seller help
You can tell fiverr support team regarding your issue. If its not your fault then fiverr can restore your ratings.

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