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Fiver card question


I have a quick question. If I add as a withdraw option a Payoneer card that would be my ONLY option from now? While I am trying to add the card this is what I read in the confirmation mail:

Adding a Payoneer card for your Fiverr withdrawals means any funds you withdraw from now on will be sent to your newly attached card.


Possibly yes, that’s what it says. Though why would you withdraw to a revenue card? It’s fees are extraorbitant, whereas if you ask Payoneer to send it to your bank account, fees become reasonable.


Thanks for the answer. Well, I would like to have something independent like this card and I know about relatively high fees. For now I am using Payoneer and it’s OK, but allows me only withdraw on my local bank account, the same Paypal. I would like to diversify, but if it is as you said, and the other 2 options will disappear, that’s not good, I will stay with Payoneer and Paypal.


Personally, I don’t know why anyone uses the Payoneer withdraw to local bank option. The Payoneer card allows you to do this as well as provides you with an ATM card. I have also heard that you can link Paypal to Payoneer.

That said, if you are based in Europe, you might want to also look at linking a Revolut account (completely non-Fiverr/Payoneer related) to PayPal and withdrawing funds this way. It pretty much eliminates exchange fees and is a bit more versatile than both Paypal & Payonner.


Well, I have tried to link Monese and also Revolut to paypal and for the unknown reason that does not work. Also I have tried to link Payoneer with Monese and also Revolut and the problem is when you want to add an account to Payoneer, there is no neither Monese or Revolut bank name on the list. I will probably try to resolve this issue by contacting Payoneer and asking them to add these Banks manually.


I’d say my bank account is pretty much the same accessible than a debit card from fiverr. Without the fees.