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Is there no longer a buyer request section? Where you can check out what people are requesting and sort of fullfill their requests. Any reply/advice appreciated.

Check under ‘Sales’…


On desktop, hover over your username and profile picture at the top right corner.

You’ll see ‘sales’ listed 2nd in the drop down. Click it.

The 2nd menu item down from that will say ‘Buyer Requests’.

I had a hard time finding it myself at first :). Maybe Fiverr could consider making this it’s own menu item and not part of a drop down?

Thanks @hanashivoice I was only able to find it after you pointed us in the right direction.

@thusie thank you so much. I did find it. However it seems whenever I click it there are zero offers left. So I was wondering. Do the number of offers left depend on your rating? Or do lots of buyers not know how to use the offer section and thus there are minimal offers in this section.

Also thankyou @hanashivoice.

Also do the offers appearing appear according to the categories you are currently serving?

@musicmeister A lot of times buyers have already accepted an offer so the request disappears.

The requests that you see appear in blank search results and such are just a list of the recently requested but that doesn’t mean they are still available.

Also it seems that Fiverr displays buyer requests that are related to your gig. Example: If your gigs are primarily about writing, it will display buyers that need some content work completed.

Hope this helps!

It’s probably because your rating is too low.

Reply to @musicmeister: I think you have to have an 85% positive rating or higher to use this feature. It might be 80% but I’m almost sure anything in below that can’t participate.