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Fiver Contact Support is Worst

So my friend has an account which he disabled intentionally to change username. but after deactivating account and messaging fiver contact support they said username cant be changed but we can re-enable your account with previous username intact, reply soon. they generated a ticket . now to reply i have to go to their zendesk or whatever to ask them to re-enable my account .but how am i suppose to reply in that zendesk from my disabled account if it’s DISABLED>. … -- So tell me Fiverr what is this .? how to reply to support ticket from disabled account. did fiver developers think it through .?! --

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Why are you getting so upset and annoyed? Relax a little.

If someone who doesn’t have an active Fiverr account wants to contact support, they can do so by sending an e-mail over to

You could expect a reply from them in a day or two I think.

already did that … they just creating new tickets again and again… -- sent like five mails to them… -- obviously its now getting annoying and i am starting to get mad… -_-

Sending more than 1 e-mail doesn’t do you any good. And it is not them making the tickets. You are probably the one making those tickets (you create a new ticket every time you send them an e-mail) and Fiverr is just sending you a notification saying you have created a ticket and that they acknowledge it.

Just send one and wait for 1 or 2 days. They will get back to you.

If you create multiple tickets, there is a good chance Fiverr could ignore you altogether… cuz they might be annoyed, too!

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No. Their Customer service Girl said she will enable account , waiting for your reply . i emailed Please enable my account . and new ticket created and again same story… -_- that’s what i am talking about. why not simply introduce simple gmail like mailing system so we disabled account user can reply easily and without getting confused …

If your friend, or you, wants another account name, you simply can follow the steps Fiverr provides in their info, first withdraw the money of the old account, then close the old account (that’s done in the settings), then register a new account with a new email.

Simply put :

From your post, your friend’s steps were
1.deactivate account
2.message support to change the username.

while the steps Fiverr details in their info pages are:
1.withdraw funds und deactivate account (you’ll receive a message indicating that your Fiverr account is closed)
2.register new account (with the name you want) (you need to use a different email than for the deactivated account)

There’s not actually a need to message support, the process is pretty straightforward.
As long as someone deactivates their account intentionally on their own because they don’t like their username or whatever and not because they violated any terms, Fiverr doesn’t really care probably, because there’s nothing about contacting support in the “change username” instructions.


Please just refer to your issue to make this less complicated. If you have a “friend” with other issues they can post a thread.

Just stop contacting Support and use the simple system in place for closing old account and opening a new one. @miiila described it for you.