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I am working on a gig to create bass recordings for customers. If I want to include videos of me playing over music, what must I do to stay within Fiverr’s TOS?


Playing over the client’s music? The music they are asked you to play on? Not a drama as it is their music you are sending back to them

Although please do not do this before being hired as it is unprofessional in the extreme.

If you want to show Portfolio to prove you can play (and your style & range) that is correct but you playing over the top of a Van Halen single (as in the released track mix) is not a good thing at all. It says unprofessional too. The client can’t hear you clearly against Alex (not to mention Eddie & Diamond Dave). And as you note you are using Van Halen’s music for personal gain which is a breach of IP.

What you need is to show yourself playing against simple backing showcasing your work which is your style, range (and hopefully ability to play in time). That could well be a simple drum machine line even.

Also be sure that what you show is well mixed or you undo everything you just did. If you are not good at mixing, hire someone (whilst being really open what this Gig is about).

As a Mix Engineer & Composer I would encourage you to show nicely mixed work in a video and the first audio slot. then in the third audio slot show what the raw Bass Stem/s will sound like so everyone can know what they will get.


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