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Fiver Customer service A JOKE

Hi my name is zayyab shahid. Account name zayyab_shahid99
I have been using fiverr since june 2020. I had all 5 star ratings, all positive comments for my hard work, then fiverr asked me to give id verification, which i did. After that they temporarily disabled my gigs. I asked why, they said we couldn’t verify your id and selfie. I sent them again, the pictures with my Iphone-11 pro camera result. Again they said the main problem is with your (Selfie), I started sending proper selfie in proper light with quality camera result. I sent them around 10-15 times, they said that we cannot identify you. Then another customer service person jumped in saying -
‘oh no the problem is not with your selfie, it is with your ID picture’. Then i sent them 10-15 times again my ID and selfie pictures guess what it is still disabled, saying that they cannot scan my id. It has been over a month now they cannot scan a picture, I took with Iphone 11, i phone 8 and note 9, still their answer is the same. I can post the screenshots as well if someone wants them, my whole conversation with them. They are just messing around with me. First they said it was my selfie I kept on sending selfies like a madman almost 15 times, then they are like oh no it was your ID. I sent everything my passport, my driving license and my identity card. Overall I sent them pictures like 20-30 times, guess what they still said we can’t scan your id which is beyond a joke haha!. All of my hard work went in vain, I worked day n night for my account my gigs for 5 stars ratings and impressions and within a second they took it away. Their customer service is so bad, they are not helping and saying that we can help you in DISABLING YOUR ACCOUNT HAHAH! If some one can help me how to make this official in some website and if someone knows where i can go and put official complaint against them, please do help me out. They are not helping me! I need your help, please help me out with this mess!