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Fiver declined my card but took payment 3 times from my account.l

i tried to order a gig from Fiverr, when click pay from my credit card it said it was declined and showed error highlighted in red 2 times i tried to pay… but it did the transaction each time and it took the money from my account twice! what do i do?

Tell customer support:

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I had the same problem last night when Fiverr declined my card and then took the money twice without any notification or confirmation of the transaction.
I’ve contacted the customer support, but been told on an email that it will take 12-18 hours for a reply. Does anyone know of a telephone number for their customer support?
I just want to get on with my project, but I can as the guys I’ve chosen to work with haven’t yet received the money. Very frustrating!

Unfortunately there isn’t a quicker way. From experience, your type of issue tends to be prioritised though so hopefully it will be quicker than usual. Just wait for the reply.

Something is wrong. Something bad is happening with fiver. Support replied to my email that fiverr did not receive payment and will be returned back to my card in 2-7 days. But money has been deduced gone 3 times.

Please let me know your experience about your correspondence with them.


My experience is pretty good, I’m sure you’ll get you money back, don’t worry.