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Fiver Deducted -$115 Into My Account Without Any Prior Notice


Speechless, remove without giving people at least chance to tweak my best selling gig…it was so easy to gain those reviews right? And suddenly I have -$115 deduction?! Are fiverr really gonna treat people like this? I’m so disappointed because I thought Fiverr are better than this. These two things happen without further notice to me as seller. Why suddenly charge -$115 into my account when last time they decide I’m right becaus ethe buyer is clearly manipulating me to get extra free works? Is there no glimpse of hope for seller at all? I can still accept their remove my best selling gig when last time they decide I’m right but now this happened. I can’t fathomed how they goes back with their words so easily. All my hard earn money goes to the drain. So frustrated


What were you selling exactly ?


Competitor research using semrush. Suddenly my other gig related to Google Ads got deduction of -$115 as well. I had incoming $15 but that all gone since fiverr remove my gig. Three nightmares happen at the same time :frowning:


Seems to me you’ve been victimized by a PayPal chargeback. Did you get an order for $115? Maybe your buyer didn’t want to pay, and told PayPal to reverse the charge.

So far, Fiverr hasn’t figured out a way to stop these chargebacks. Other times the issue is identity theft, someone made an order with a stolen credit card, and the financial institution is demanding restitution.

If your account is -$115, that means you’ll be working for nothing for a while, until you’re back at $0, and then you can finally start making money.

Have you contacted CS?


I already contact them. We shouldn’t be in this situation if fiverr really care about seller. Last time it was a bot issue associate with my gig then they reinstate my gig. Then they deduct $115 without any prior notice. The paypal issue has been there forever but fiverr did nothing about that. No it was an order of $150 but fiverr took 20% of it so I’m left with $120. I can withdraw $5 and have another $68 in fiverr account. Probably they deduct $5. Now if they deduct that $68 I would be really pissed off. The incoming $15 ($12 after fiverr take their cut) is vanish alongside with the removal of my other gig. So not sure if I’m willing to start at O after all I done for fiverr. I spend a lot of money in fiverr as buyer and makes almost a grand ROI as seller but this happened. Why should I make more money for fiverr while I’m suffering because it was a mistake on the other end? So done with fiverr. If they didn’t do anything back about my $120 I wouldn’t hold back & leave fiverr. Maybe that’s what they want. Totally disappointing.


There are no fees for withdrawing your earnings anymore, at least not with PayPal. Payoneer is different.

I know buyers pay fees when they order, and even if you refund, Fiverr keeps those fees. Don’t know if it’s the same with chargebacks.

I say on Fiverr because I make money here. Last year I made $8,000. That sounds like a lot, but the year before I made $18,000, I was TRS then, lost it last year.

My point is don’t give up on Fiverr, you will make money again.


That’s amazing, glad things work for you. But it’s hard to give up on fiverr when these things hppn. First warning given bc I infringe copyright/intellectual property but after contacting Fiverr CS, they realize it was their mistake & reinstate my gig. Then yesterday I got 2nd warning but it was the same gig! Ask for their explanation but they didn’t give me sufficient details to justify why I got the 2nd warning. I got demoted from my previous level & lose my top source of income here. This morning my balance is -$115. My life on fiverr is hanging by a thread & obv if I got the 3rd warning, it’s over. Seems like fiverr already showcase their intention that I’m not needed anymore. They were flaws everywhere, starting from their bots & now if its really bc of paypal, then it is safe to assume that fiverr couldn’t even protect their seller how are we supposed to fulfil their interest well? Yeah interest fit them better bc all they do is keep making same mistake & blame seller while they don’t know what we’ve gone through for every single order, for their sake. All those pain & hours wasted only to have -$115 in the end.


So did they already reply why they removed your gig second time?


I am not understanding this at all. First you said that Fiverr deducted enough so that you had -115 which does sound like either a chargeback or a direct refund to a buyer because you got warned for doing something you shouldn’t have.

When you were asked if the 115 was from an order you gave the above explanation making it sound like you actually have $120 in your account now and you are worried they will deduct $68 for some reason? I am not really sure what your story is but it might just be me misunderstanding. Perhaps you could explain in a different way? Or just forget my question and listen to fastcopywriter.


Same reason why they remove my gig last time. But they admit it was their mistake last time. This time they didn’t. I just LOL-ed at their irrelevant response. Whoever run fiverr CS really need to buck up or they’ll drive away all the sellers (the people who make them money)


Okay I had a total of $73 left in my acc. $5 can be withdraw while the rest which amount to $68 need 14 days left before I’ll be able to withdraw the fund. So this customer paid me $120 for a project that cost more than that and Fiverr side with me last time. This time they suddenly leave a noti that the money will be refunded. Then they just deduct $5, all that left is -$115. So when the $68 can be withdraw, I bet they’ll deduct that one as well. I’ll still end up with negative balance. Not to mention my acc can be suspend anytime when the first mistake is theirs but it’s counted on my acc. Ridiculous right?


Uploading: Screenshot_2019-01-04-13-58-39-35.png…

I didn’t even agreed. Fiverr is clearly making decision without my approval. They only side with buyers ffs. I had enough with fiverr bs.


I just upload a screenshot. Is it already there?


Since you’ve been getting warnings for violations it does sound like Fiverr is refunding your buyers either for complaints or chargebacks. Most sellers deal with a rare occasional chargeback but those don’t come with warnings or gig removals.

Sellers don’t typically just randomly lose all earnings or get gigs repeatedly denied. That only happens when there is a real problem. Since you are using acronyms for profanity here where people are trying to figure out your situation I’m not sure what you might be saying to Support. Good luck.


From CS, fastcopywriter was right.

"Hello again,

I’m sorry this is happening in your account.

I reviewed the order, and I see that there was a chargeback filed for the payment of this order outside of Fiverr. The funds are now being held by the payment vendor, and are not in our hands.

Please note that whenever a transaction is being reviewed by a payment vendor, we may be required to cancel a transaction or put it on hold (for example - stolen credit card or other fraud activities). This is part of the service we provide to maintain a safe environment for our users."


Be careful with a buyer called ************ , she got my service worth $150 for free by manipulating fiverr loophole in paypal payment system

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No I do not. It’s not about me and you. It’s about Fiverr as a whole community.
I as a seller has been into this situation, and if i will ever be, I know how to handle it in a proper way.
Those who talk loudly are rarely listened to.


Im not like you so freeee haha. If you have all the free time to mock me then I suggest you improve your delivery time as well haha. Sorry I’m too busy with my dayjob to entertain you :stuck_out_tongue:


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