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Fiver Deducted -$115 Into My Account Without Any Prior Notice


I never started this… you can read my replies above.


No, but you’re carrying it on and your posts are likely to be flagged.


Ok. you are right. It’s his account. Good luck with his negative balance and account. He is just offended because i told him that mentioning buyer names is not allowed. Very good thinking. And don’t worry about me getting flagged. I already flagged his comments. This is my last message.

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Thread closed due to inappropriate comments by OP.

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Thread opened briefly for update. No further comments required, post will be closed again.


So I thought everything was over because I have -$115 balance in my fiverr acc. Just when I’m about to leave fiverr, I got notification from someone who want to order my google ads service worth $625 which separate into 2 gigs. So I setup the acc and billing details for the client, all I have to do is add their credit card. But Fiverr being at their best again, crushing ppl dream of making comeback. My acc has been suspended bc of my explanation regarding how the client suppose to pay Google. I’m not expecting too much from Fiverr now, totally disappointed.

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