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Fiver deranked my gig without any reason

my gig was on the first page but recently the deranked my gig without any reason I have 5-star rating 100% response rate all the circles are green what can be the reason? and how to get ranking back? I haven’t changed any tags or title from the gig now I am not getting the order from last 30 days.


you have only 3 min read time.

there are a lot of sellers that are in your exact situation or was in your situation. so how about to spend a bit of YOUR time to read the forum to find a solution to YOUR problem.
a little reading wouldn’t kill you.


Hi there @mahsannadeem, Firstly, welcome to the Forum, and glad you took this step to join the big loving family. Second, in addition to what @mariashtelle1 already mentioned, don’t forget that Graphic Design is a very competitive niche. You should be proud of having (or had) your gigs listed on the first page! Don’t take for granted that this is easy to do. Many sellers here including me would be very happy to accomplish this.

Wish you the best of luck!!

Warmly, Humberto

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Follow the steps @mahsannadeem. Hopefully these steps will help

1- Increase your Avg. Selling Price; It’ll help you to rank your Gig. Don’t accept $5 Projects. Try to work for better projects; such as; For the Logo Design. Try to get a single Logo Design Project minimum of $50; and not less. It will rank your gigs.

2- Record a Professional Video, and make it a Thumbnail to your Gigs. It will rank your gigs.

3- Stay active (online) most of times. It will rank your gigs.

4- Learn to write proposals, and do send 10 proposals on daily basis. It will bring new clients to your profile.

5- Create value for your existing clients; They will refer your services in their circle. When more people will visit; it will rank your gigs.

Hopefully these tips will help you a lot. You can also see my gig how I started getting orders. You will wonder to know that I got my first order on fiverr on first day when I created my profile and Gig.

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The reason in my opinion is, you do not advertise your gig. Seller believe that after they post a gig that fiverr will work it’s magic and bring tons of sellers to that gig. In reality fiverr will meet you 10% of the way, they will put your gig on the first page and see if it pulls any reasonable revenue then they will wait and see if their are any clients coming from any external sources other than the ones they have provided. If no clients are coming from outside fiverr then your gig will be substituted for another gig.


Hi I am also same situation. Please help.

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