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Some days ago i was hopeless about my fiver order. i give so many buyer req but no order. so i am thinking out of fiver. have so many marketing way, its help you order more and more .now i get order one by one ,even without buyer req . social media is the best way for that. go to popular social media (ex:Twitter) search by your gig keyword . like (need designer , want to developed my site, etc… ) if you search by this system you look so many pepole need your work . go to the post and comment with your gig links. thinks if you research about this, you will find so many targeted audience.
2. Upload your work with image in social media and write last day i was complete this for my buyer . thats type of post are more attarctive then a singel gig link.
3. Have so many group in social media for your work catagory . join all groups and share gig each others. If anyone need your similar catagory work then comment or massage them.
4.Make a own portfoilo website . put your gig into the offer section. its you can optimize your site perfectly then its bring so much trafic.
5.After done one work , give offer for your another gig service. its help you .
my last word is – fiverr like a book . open it and research more and more. Then you find the best way for your own.
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