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Fiver GIG Ranking and Impression

I’m a new seller in Fiverr, **

I have created my account for around 16 days and get one order

** now my gig Impression to much law even today and tomorrow didn’t get any impression and click. Now, what can I do?


Social share may get rid of you from this situation, share you gig every social media with your service and responsibility, what you offer make clear them there. Regular share and post your gig at least 3 times daily.

And pray to Allah for rijik because he knows well and has better plan, what is best for you and your life.


But first time when i was create gig then 10 days i will get order and now my gig didn’t impression and click. what’s reason?

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Gigs created from a new account are preferred by fiverr. So these are in the beginning and buyers can usually see them. As the days go by, if that gig unfortunately fails to rank and if it doesn’t get the expected order it may retrogradely, it’s a common saying or idea. However, fiverr changes their algorithm secret way for promotion gig so that the new ones get a chance with the old top rate gigs as well as the average, top rated and struggling gigs get a chance. As can be seen, the top rated gig is sometimes not found on the top 3/5 page.


Please marketing your gig in social media.

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Nice suggestion @animulilam


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