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Fiver gig selling

hi i am new on fiverr i want to know how to get orders on fiverr its my gig i want to get order can any one help me out … :frowning:

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I’d drop the proofreading gig and focus primarily on logos.

First of all, don’t steal others’ work for your sample images.

I’ve written a blog post series for new sellers. You can Google ‘Fiverr Sellers Road to Success Series’ to have a look.

Besides, browse around this forum and search for tips.

Here’s an example of great tips:

Well it was a try :slight_smile:

hello firstly you was doing mistake and you send your gig details wrong section in fiverr.

so, please go on “My Fiverr Gigs” section in forum, where you send your gig details with gig url for advertisement in forum