Fiver gig video - need help


I have made a fiverr gig video, and upload it on fiverr.
I need suggestions from you guys whether to add something or remove or edit something in video.
P.S im new on fiverr.

Thank you
M waiting


It’s a good video. The only things I saw were:

“to show my skills to world”

  • probably change to “show my skills to the world”

not sure if you should change “…years of experience in IT field” to “…years of expereince in the IT field” or “…years of experience in IT” (or I.T. or information technology).


Okay i will do it as u said :slight_smile:
Thanks alot for the help brother :slight_smile:


i saw your video and it looks nice to me. only one suggestion from me that your video is too long, make a 30s-40s video rather than 1 minute,


Okay :slight_smile:
Thanks for the suggestion brother i will keep my next videos short.