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Fiver Gig - who will see my gig

Hi! fiverr community how many of you will visit my gig and comment about my faults in gig. I will be thankful to all.

Thank you

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hello @mohammadgraphic, I visited your gig. nice work. Carry on…

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You have been given lots of tips already. Have you acted on the advice given?

Try to resize your profile picture. It looks stretched.

I think a graphic designer should have very crisp Gig images.

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Thank you very much my dear optimistjishan

My pleasure dear @mohammadgraphic

Hi Mohammad! I visited your profile and it feels like you need to change your profile picture with something more sharp and clear.
Secondly, Use more powerful and engaging gig images, design it on these dimensions “682x459”
Third, use relevant keywords in you gig description and add FAQ’s, around 5-6 of 'em. Good Luck!