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Fiver got new bug?

My client is saying that he accepted my custom offer and paid but nothing is showing? Please help

Now Dashboard is saying offer not accepted. Try again :pensive:

Short answer: he didn’t.

Long answer: he wants you to do the work without being paid. Never start work without the order being accepted.

It’s possible that he hasn’t completed the order requirements if there are any. Check that and if necessary, inform him that you need more information before the order can start.

But don’t start until the order is accepted.


Thanks I am still waiting. Not starting work

Most likely that he is lying. I don’t think you should try to do any work for him.


If really that is happening then he can ask to support they will fix it

Tell them to send you a screenshot of the order they accepted. If they can’t provide you one then they are likely lying. If they can provide one, tell them to contact CS so they can address the issue.


Issue Resolved, Thanks all :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you use the dashboard to view orders, sometimes it has not showed all active orders. I have personally seen a few ghost orders, which only showed up on the manage orders page. It’s very critical to either check the manage orders page every now and then, check your mails how many orders have received and how many you’re working on, or just bookmark the manage orders page, so you always see even orders that dashboard may not be showing. :roll_eyes:

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