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Fiver IP problem how can I avoid it?


I am new in fiverr. Last few months ago I created a account in fiverr. But fiverr suspended that account due to IP problem myabe. But problem is, I am using BroadBand Internet which means there is lot of people use one IP address it is like 300 people use one IP. Maybe there is also lot of member of fiverr who created account in fiverr on same IP address. That’s why fiverr called it spam. So how can it possible to use fiverr in BroadBand LAN ? I am very disappointed. Please give me a solution how can I use fiver in Broadband LAN or outside from my house like my office or friend’s house?


Guess only Fiverr can help you with this issue.


Would be wise to contact customer support. It’ll help since they’ll know you’re a real person and not a bot.


Why would fiverr call it spam? Spam is not the same as multiple people having the same IP.

I use fiverr on public hotspots sometimes and hundreds of people every day use those and there is no problem with it.

I think you mean that you did some spam on fiverr which was the cause of your banned account.


are you sure about that ip address is not problem for fiverr account? i am also confused about this issue. many seller said that ip address can be cause for account banned.


If you have multiple accounts it can be the cause of your account ban.

If you use an IP that is a public one that won’t cause your account to be banned.

If you send spam it will cause your account to be banned.


You did not get me. I said, I used broadband internet which means, one IP address is used for 200 people that means if 10 people create 10 accounts from that IP for fiverr. Then fiverr support maybe thought it is spam or thought one person made 10 accounts. But always it is not true for Broadband user because for broadband user has one ip address and it is always same and not changeable. I think you will get me.


I know what you meant. I know what broadband is. That is not going to make fiverr ban you. You are not the only one on fiverr that has broadband. One of my two internet accounts is broadband and I have not been banned from it.

I can assure you that having broadband is not going to get you banned from fiverr.

Many thousands of people on fiverr use broadband.


Thanks a lot. Hope so. Already I contact with fiverr support and I hope they will tell me the main reason for banning. And I am afraid too. Thank you for your response :slight_smile:


Spam has an entirely different meaning from multiple users on one IP. If Fiverr told you they banned your first account because of spam, then you must have done something else. They probably won’t tell you more info and if you think about it, you can probably figure out what you did that was spam. Perhaps you messaged people offering your services, tried to advertise in Buyer Requests, bothered buyers with new offers after deal were closed or any number of other things that could be called spam. That does not sound related to your IP issue. Just don’t spam and you won’t be banned for spamming.


Yes, you are right. …


Thanks. now I clearly got that it is not for IP it has another reason. I sent an email to support to know what Was I do exactly because I am new in fiverr. If I figured out that then I won’t again


If they said it was from spam then that was probably the reason.


I have asked this question to Fiverr Support.
After they providing their feedback, I can answer you bro.


I use my account on my laptop and mobile phone which are connected to various networks (IPs) like broadband, mobile, wimax etc and switches frequently. I have one account and using the same devices. So I don’t think, IP is the issue. My guess, you used multiple accounts on the same device which is against the Fiver TOS.


i open new account 1 or less then two weeks . i give two gig for sell . one gig got 18 view & 17 clicks and another new gig got two views . i just check twice or third times if there is any order . some times i log in with fiverr from internet ( connecting pc with my mobile Hotspot network . and sometimes check notification from a wifi network .
today 12 pm i log in my account but now at 9 pm i try to log in my account but it show me a page written ( fiver has banned your ip address )
i cant find why does they banned me ?


Multiple accounts on one IP is a problem. If you are using VPN you might have to disable it. If there are multiple people using your IP, all of them can be banned.


Agree with that. Maybe you can try to contact fiverr support and ask for their suggestion


If you want to do professional business here I suggest you use a single Network connection, a private that is used by you only, not sharing.

It is too risky to use a shared network connection.
I do myself, try to avoid a shared connection such a wifi or hotspot as best as I can.

I’m almost bring my personal internet connection wherever I go