Fiver is a great platform for college students


hi! there community members i have joined fiverr for a month now and awaiting for my first sale . i’ve joined fiverr as i am joining a college and i think it is great to be on fiverr as you are on college years as creativity plays off and we know what is trending so we can give fresh services to our buyers . what you people think about it let me know and hello to everyone out there .:blush:


Well it all depends… some people work so hard, they sacrifice sleep (as it is often when freelancing, as I know out of Fiverr).
So the bottom line is, it depends how much work you will get as a student, and how will you marry work with school and usual day to day life in terms of time managment.


yes , some wise words are here for me . i am offering an article writing gig and writing is like a second nature to me and i would be accepting offers of orders that interest me and requires me to research on it . my cleints will be my experience . and you are so right people here work so hard . :relaxed:


awesome articles . I like your responsible movements


I did Fiverr all through college and am grateful to have had the opportunity to earn an income on my own time.
It did require a lot of sacrifice and I had to choose work/studying over having an active social life and partying, but it was great preparation for life after school.
Good luck to you!

this is my account


thanks ! yeah it must be added up to experience . thank you for telling me how it turned out for you as i am just starting and it is very helpful.:slight_smile: