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Fiver is a scam

i paid for a product yet it does not show to me or the buyer that there is an order requested, i sumbitted 4 complaints and they have all been marked solved without anything being solved.

Firstly, it’s probably “seller” and not “buyer”. Because you are the buyer if you’re the one paying.

Secondly, you can request custom offers from sellers, you can’t request orders.

If your 4 complaints were written similarly to how this post is written, there is no wonder they were marked as “solved”. CS agents couldn’t understand what happened.


How do you think i should right it?

When you have one complaint you make one report. And then reply to that in the communication with CS. Even if it is marked solved you replying will open it up.

What happened to you is a bug currently running on the site so you have right for refund and getting order, you just have to be patient because a lot of people are sending false reports knowing there is a bug and claiming they made order and money was taken from their bank account when in reality it wasn’t.

So Fiverr staff has a lot of things to handle right now.

Just reply on one ticket that your money was taken and there is no order visible.

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Thank you soo much i have the transaction code from the bank so i think that will help them