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Fiver is Playing with Us

I am on Fiver from almost 2 years. Worked hard , Never see its Day or night, Remain Online for 24 hrs Got 5* on All My orders Never Sent any Orders Late , Making Gigs Everyday , Updated My profile. Even I Have Passed Fiver Basic English, Adobe illustrator and Adobe Photoshop Skills tests as well. From Past Month I was Getting Very Good Response from Buyers Like I got 80 plus orders in Just 5-6 days. But Suddenly On Last Sunday When Fiver Gigs issue Came , My Gig is Disappeared from Everywhere. It was on Best Selling Page 4(Minimalist) and Page 9 Normal Best Selling. Now When I Search My gig By My Title or Tag or Search On Best Selling My Gig is totally Disappeared From Everywhere. When I Sent Support to Fiver They Told me May be Other’s Person Are doing better than me that’s why they are up? I am Its a Joke? In Best selling last pages many persons has only 5-6 Reviews in 2-3 months and they are on Best selling and I Have completed almost 150 plus orders in April & May and I am no where in Best selling?

Fiver Should Fix Gigs Issues. They told us that They will schedule a Maintenance Today But Time was GMT 5:30 to 6:30 am and Now its almost 10:24 Gmt time still waiting for update from Fiver.

My Gigs automatically goes on pending and then suddenly active Even a New gig Shows me on pending without any reasons. All of My content Descriptions, pictures and Everything is Unique and Created by myself. Fiver Is driving me crazy. When My time Comes Fiver goes down.


It’s written in TOS that fiverr doesn’t guarantee you permanent placement and always rotating gigs.
Even TRS sellers moved to last pages from time to time.


Well They Rotate Gigs in Recommended and If a Person has good sales he remains in Best selling as long as his services are being sold. But Leave Best selling or Recommended, How about Search? When I search my gigs by tags or Titles or Trying Different Filters My gig Won’t Appear on Search as well. Many of My buyers complaining that they did not find my gig via search and then they open my account and order on my gig.

That’s how fiverr is. They are rotating gigs even if you have good sales :woman_shrugging:

I know it might seems unfair but that’s an algorithm. Believe me my gigs are going through the same from time to time. And actually right now you can’t find my gigs in search but that’s not a big problem because it’s a “business” and my business is diversified enough to cover this downsides with fiverr.
You can not rely on fiverr algorithm if you want to have steady and stable business


I have gain a new knowledge from you. Thanks for sharing your problems.

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hope it will be ok for you

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Even you indeed. Goes to show how pointless the tests are lol


I think you have to change your point of view.
You did great and earn a lot right?
You deserve a free time, till your next turn comes share your time with that you love.
Buy some present to them ( :

I opened my account on first of Jan, created my first gig in February (first sell in 3 days).
Since February i made $2.7k
They rolled me last page like 1 month ago.

Now i’ glad what they did. I’m still getting order but not that frequently.
Probably i will create my second gig in next 2 or 3 week.
This will also help a lot to getting new customers.

Keep safe, stay home and be creative.

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Where is that written in the TOS? Do you have a quote from it saying that? It doesn’t mention gig rotation there as far as I can see.

Or do you mean this bit of the TOS:

Gigs may be removed from our Search feature due to poor performance and/or user misconduct.

Though that’s not about rotation.

I have actually just one curiosity… do you have Automatic Capital Letters on your keyboard or do you type each one manually? That takes a lot of time, you earned my respect.


Nah, he just has a twitchy finger on the shift key. Too much coffee.

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op writing a post


Love airplane, great reference!


Fiverr search results shows only gigs who they contain relevant keywords on “title and description” not on tags.

Fiverr recommends to use tags different from your title for mor visibility.


Why did you get two warnings on that gig?

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They said I have delivered some term paper on behalf of a student which I did not agree. And I got warning on two separate gigs. I had not received a single order on the second which got removed after warning.

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What were the gigs offering?

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I have the same problem, exactly the same. :frowning: I was on the front page for a week, I sold very well, and then one day I wasn’t there at all

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medical and healthcare articles and the other was about proofreading and editing of articles.

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Diversifying is key. Thanks for sharing.

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