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FIVER many Front line sellers gigs now on quarantine

Hi, I was doing well on the fiver sell. some of my gigs was the front line. but after CVOID. my all gig last most.
Fall imprison on all gigs. That is not only me. many many good sellers the same issue.
FIVER Front line seller gig now on quarantine.
PLEASE FIX gig rank algorithm ASAP!
I don’t know how much time will need to fix gig analytics full fix. and I think this issue influence gig rank.
also, I think the fiverr new “gig promotion” service much influence the gig rank.
Please help me. I need my regular near position back.
Thank you


As per fiverr TOS fiverr doesn’t guarantee you permanent ranking aka “your regular position” and They are constantly rotating gigs.


In addition the number of gigs on Fiverr has doubled in the last 10 months, so keeping your position is challenging when so many newbies are getting in “line.”


I was seen your gig also now back on search. So can you help me?
because some couple of weeks ago your gig was last most. now back. So I really need your help!
Thank you

I think that’s no problem. but Fiverr team fail to fix. another thing fiverr can’t fix yet gig analytics

Yeah, seems like many gigs are infected now as well. Not much we can do about it, except to express our disappointment with the new algorithm to customer support by sending them suggestions on how to improve the selling experience. If enough sellers seem to be sending similar suggestions, perhaps they might notice that there’s room for improvements to keep sellers happy.

You do not think there is a problem with you keeping your placement when there are now double and in some cases even triple the number of gigs? Recently there were 165,511 logo gigs where ten months ago there were 80,000. I think that is a big problem.

My gig analytics seem to be working fine. :thinking:

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Trust me Fiverr team know about it and everything looks intentionally programmed to keep some sellers out of the platform, based on sellers country.

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Same thing happened with me… and I was thinking that may be I am that unlucky one! :frowning:

I did see click view impressions not social click also not see conversion rate in app

No. not only you. that a burst of seller problem

Patience you must have my young Padawan - Yoda :grin:

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